Looking for great OLE images

One of the things that I put a lot of effort into is getting the best possible images for the book. For the 5th edition I have a large number of new and original photos – but there are still a few items that are eluding me; usually for geographical reasons or because the equipment is not accessible to the average div with a camera (me).

If you are reading this and can help with any of these, please get in touch. Please bear in mind that I can only accept images that are high quality (sharp, good exposure) and crucially, that are your copyright. Please don’t suggest images that you got from a 3rd party or website.

These are the images I’m looking for:

  • Three wire crossover
  • Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Vacuum SMOS circuit breaker
  • SF6 indoor circuit breaker
  • 132kV or 400kV feeder station supply transformer
  • AC protection relay
  • SCADA outstation
  • Long portable earth + clamp
  • Panning of OLE
  • Mineral hopper under OLE
  • Panchex
  • Ricardo Rail Panmon monitoring system
  • Balance weights in tunnel
  • Burndy tool